Show of strength from volunteers

Volunteer serving sport drinks at Finlandia-hiihto, 2012. Photo Collection of Finlandia-hiihto.

As the number of participants has grown, the contribution of volunteers has become more significant. Services for the skiers, from catering to arrangements, are primarily handled by volunteers. In the early decades of Finlandia-hiihto, conscript soldiers were also involved in the arrangements.

Conscript soldiers sorting clothing bags at Finlandia-hiihto 1977. Photo Collection of Lahti City Museums.

There are food and drink points along the route and in the finish area.

Hot blueberry juice, pickled cucumbers, bread and oranges have been served. Over time, energy bars replaced traditional sandwiches. In winter 1985, a total of 500,000 paper cups were used and 15,000 litres of blueberry soup were consumed at Finlandia-hiihto.

Drinking station at Finlandia-hiihto, 1983. Photo Collection of Finlandia-hiihto.