Learn about the fascinating history of Nordic ski sports and test your ski jumping skills. It is always winter here!

Sense of Skiing

Exhibition highlights the Finnish history of skiing in all of its forms, from a recreational pastime to a professional sport.
2017 ‐

Sweat, Sisu and Ski Heroes

Exhibition portrays the golden era of Finnish ski racing from the 1950s to the ‘70s. The exhibition describes how the athletes trained, how they prepared for their big races and how they interacted with the media and their fans and spectators.
2019 ‐

High-Flying Finns

The photographic special exhibition presents the history of ski jumping and provides an opportunity to experience the excitement of competition from climbing up the hill to standing on the podium.
January 2019 ‐ December 2021

Lahti Ski Club 100 years

March 2022 ‐ September 2024